Donuts squid

Country Ham


Shrimp bouquet, mayonnaise

Whelks dish, mayonnaise

Fish soup, crouton, rust and gruyere (cheese)

Mariniere Mussels – white wine, onions, oregano

Curry mussels – Curry, onion, cream

Grandmother’s mussels – Bacon, cream, onions

Blue cheese mussels – blue cheese, cream

Shimp, mussel, Parmesan Cream, tomato Confit

Goumet Salads


Italian salad

Salmon fillet – Mixed vegetables, sesames, soya sauce, creamy rice

Pavé of blue fin tuna, half cooked, ginger sauce, mixed vegetables and creamy rice

Saint-Nicolas Burger – Brioche bread, St nectaire cheese, fries, salad, meat

Bovine tartar, fries and salad, condiments, not prepared

Confit of duck, roasted in oven, salad

Crème brûlée

Chocolate flowing heart

Tiramisu with speculos

Gourmet coffee

Plate of Saint-Nectaire

Liège chocolate

Liège Coffee

Pear Beautiful Helene

Peach Melba



Scoop of Ice Cream